More Than Just Awesome Ecommerce Content

I don’t just offer really great content to help you with your ecommerce marketing efforts here on Shopping Signals. I also offer ecommerce SEO services specifically geared toward helping you achieve maximum results for your online store.

I rank ecommerce websites for keywords their potential customers are already searching for

…or if you prefer, I can teach you how to do it yourself!

How do I do it?

The Ecommerce Ranking System

My proprietary approach to SEO that goes beyond just growing organic traffic, to generating 2x, 3x, even 5x more sales for ecommerce websites.

You can take advantage of the Ecommerce Ranking System in 3 different ways…


Ecommerce SEO Coaching

Do It Yourself
Ongoing, scheduled meetings where we teach you, keep you moving forward and hold you accountable.


Ecommerce SEO Consulting

Done With You
One-off engagements where we analyze and advise. We develop the strategies and hand them over to your team to implement.


Ecommerce SEO Services

Done For You
Ongoing engagements in which we develop the strategies for your success, then we do all of the work to implement them for you.

Ecommerce SEO Coaching: Do It Yourself

Ongoing, scheduled meetings where I teach you, keep you moving forward and hold you accountable.

I focus on moving you forward in your business, each step of the way. I first analyze where you’re at, and what your goals are. Then I customize an SEO plan to get your online store moving towards and accomplishing your SEO goals by working through the tasks for each of your goals.

ecommerce SEO consultant

Ecommerce SEO Consulting:
Done With You

One-off engagements where I analyze and advise.

A Consulting engagement starts off much like a Done-for-You engagement. I analyze your needs and give you the strategies and plans for success. The difference is that instead of doing the work for you to execute on those strategies and plans, I simply hand them over to your team to execute them. I also provide regular, ongoing guidance to keep you on the right path and ensure your success.

Ecommerce SEO Services: Done For You

A complete ecommerce SEO strategy – created, implemented, and managed for you.

DFY is a good fit for you if you don’t have the time, resources, or desire to learn and/or do everything on your own. I develop the strategy, implement the strategy, and manage it all for you.

ecommerce SEO expert

We Focus on These 5 Core Areas of SEO for Your Online Store

With a focus on what actually moves the needle, we get consistent results for you, starting with my 4 fundamentals of SEO.

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Content Strategy
  3. Content Creation
  4. Content Promotion
  5. And the technical SEO that matters

What do I mean by “technical SEO that matters?

We can and will do technical SEO of course. But the fundamentals (Keyword research, content strategy, content creation, content promotion) are more important. So that’s where we focus first.

Most SEO agencies do it the other way around… because that’s easier for them. Often times, they’ll audit your website for technical issues, then present you with a long list of things that could be fixed. And leave the fixing you your web team. And then maybe throw in one blog post per month.

Or they’ll implement the technical SEO fixes for you. But often times, the vast majority of technical SEO issues you could fix are barely worth the trouble. Most aren’t actually problems that will hurt your rankings. And fixing them is unlikely to move the needle for you.

Why do most SEO’s operate this way? Because the fundamentals are hard work. They’d rather spend the majority of their billable hours on the easier stuff …which is usually the minutia of technical SEO.

And that’s not how we roll!

Ecommerce SEO

Who is it for?

SEO is essential for every website that wants more organic/search traffic. Period. But I’m guessing you already knew that.

My ecommerce SEO marketing services are a great fit for any ecommerce business that understands the value of organic traffic from Google and how it can deliver consistent, long-term predictability to your business. These services are strictly white-hat. Meaning, I don’t use shady tactics to falsely increase your search engine rankings. I use the tried and true methods that are proven to work and don’t break any rules.

We’re based in Indianapolis, IN, but can and do work with ecommerce companies across the globe.

How does it work?

I follow very detailed and systematized processes which enable me to predictably generate improved rankings for your ecommerce website. I suggest you click through to the next page where you can see:
Details on the SEO services I offer 

Let’s get you more sales.

Tell me about your project.

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