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Why am I creating this community?


Because this is a real need in the ecommerce space. The only thing EVERYONE talks about or ‘teaches’ in the ecom space is Paid Traffic.
But generating organic traffic is an extremely important and effective marketing fundamental. This is true for all types of websites, including ecommerce websites. And ALL types of ecommerce websites… dropshipping, traditional ecommerce, B2B ecom, you name it.
And the fact is, paid traffic is increasingly expensive, risky, difficult to learn, requires a constant flow of funds, and takes constant monitoring.

Yet, people are always telling me things like, “I can’t afford to risk $1500 just to see if I can get an ad campaign to work”, or “my budget is very small, isn’t there a way to bring in traffic without having to pay for it?”, or “I feel overwhelmed with trying to figure out Facebook or Google ads.”
People seem to think paid traffic is like an ATM. But the reality is that it’s more like a casino. The house always wins!
Now I would never say that paid traffic is a bad idea, or that it doesn’t work. It has it’s place. I’m just saying that it has it’s pitfalls as well.
All that being said, I happen to know a crap-ton about driving traffic and sales to ecommerce websites using only organic methods. I’ve done it successfully for multiple dropshipping sites of my own and for clients. I’ve even done it for very small to very large, high traffic, global ecommerce sites.
Organic works, and it’s more accessible to those who are risk averse or budget conscious.
Not only does organic traffic work… it works indefinitely, it has a compounding effect, and it is essentially free.

Let’s break those down.
  • It works indefinitely: Yeah, it’s evergreen. Meaning, once you publish some content (a blog post for example), it can generate traffic indefinitely without you having to monitor it.
  • It has a compounding effect: The more content you publish, the more traffic you drive to your website, the more you will rank for additional keywords in Google, the more customers you will acquire, etc., etc…
  • It’s essentially free: Creating good content takes time off course, so there is a time cost, but it doesn’t cost you anything to hit that publish button and put more content out into the world.

Now, let’s get clear on what I mean by “Organic Traffic”. In general, organic traffic is any traffic that gets to your website that does not come from a paid channel (Facebook ads and Google Shopping ads are examples of paid channels).

Organic traffic = traffic you don’t pay for

Make sense?


So, in a nutshell, I am creating this membership community to help people who understand that organic traffic can grow their ecommerce business, but they need help understanding exactly what to do, exactly how to do it, and the exact process to follow in order to grow and scale their businesses with it.

How will the community achieve this?
  • Ecommerce Content Marketing and SEO Blueprint: I’ll be sharing my exact blueprint for ecommerce content marketing and SEO. It goes in-depth on
    1. the types and format of content to create
    2. brainstorming content ideas for ANY ecommerce niche
    3. how to do SEO keyword research, SEO optimization and technical SEO
    4. how to promote and market your content so it can bring in traffic immediately
    5. and so much more.
  • Community Forums: Private, members-only forums where you can:
    – Ask your questions and get answers from myself and other members
    – Share your success stories to inspire others
    – Share what you’re working on to get accountability from other members
    – Learn and grow together, and make lasting connections with people who “get you” and your crazy ecom dreams!
  • Regular live Q&A sessions where I’ll answer your questions in a virtual group setting
  • What else will be included in the community? You’ll help me decide. We’ll be building this together!

If this is something of interest to you, but you have questions just

send me an email.


Or, if you’re raring to go,

click this link to sign up right now!

This founding member rate won’t last long. There are only a few days left to lock in.

IMPORTANT: If you join as a founding member VIP, you’ll be getting in at the lowest price this membership will ever be offered! $25 per month.

The full membership price will be at least $100 per month.


And I want you to be involved in the process as we create this community from the ground up, because I want to get your ideas, and your feedback to help me shape this into the ultimate community.

Again, if you are interested, send me a PM.

I have already created some of the training, and outlined the entire system. If you’d like a copy of that outline, say so below!

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