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I know you’re looking for a Shopify SEO Agency, and that’s great, because you’re in the right place. We are such an agency. But I use the word ‘alternative’ because we have a completely different approach that I think you’ll appreciate.

Everything we do is specifically for ecommerce websites. But our approach goes well beyond just the typical agency services you’d expect.

Read on for all the goodies.

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Although creating an ecommerce website is fairly straightforward using drag-and-drop interfaces from platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, differentiating yourself in the crowded ecommerce market of today isn’t always as simple.

Online exposure is has become a critical element of success as online sales continue to skyrocket. As a Shopify SEO Agency, we help your brand get maximum exposure, in a way that is completely unique to any other agency.

A Non Agency Approach to Shopify SEO

We’re your alternative to a traditional Shopify SEO agency.


Because we provide you with the training AND coaching AND community AND services to maximize your ability to grow traffic and sales organically.

No one else empowers you like we do.

All the others only offer services. We take things a very important step further and actually empower you with the knowledge to either do all of this stuff yourself, or at least understand what it is we’d be doing for you.

Why do we take this approach, instead of the traditional Shopify SEO agency model?

Because, based on my own 20+ years of experience, I know that if you’re going to hire an agency to work for you, you’ll be much more effective at managing that agency relationship and achieving your desired success, if you actually understand what they’ll be doing for you and you can even do it yourself.

My vision is simple: Empowering you to double (at least) your revenue with organic traffic, primarily with SEO and content marketing. And I believe the Shopping Signals approach is the best way to accomplish this bold vision.

Our Shopify SEO Agency Approach:

[Educate you with our Membership] + [Assist you with our Services]

The Membership: ECA – Ecommerce Content Accelerator


The ECA training consists of a 7 module course (with over 40 lessons) that explains everything you need to know about doing SEO keyword research, the types of content to generate, how to create and optimize it for maximum SEO benefit, how to market it, and how to evaluate its effectiveness. Follow this tested and proven process or, if you have some experience, go directly to specific topics you need help with. Study at your own pace.


Learning from the questions of other community members is one of the most effective ways to learn. Join us for live monthly Q&A calls where I’ll answer questions from the community and offer suggestions and tactics that they (and YOU) can put into practice right away.


Friendships, accountability, assistance, guidance, inspiration, hope, solutions, etc… Inside the ECA forums, you can find all of this and more. Like a Facebook group… but unlike a Facebook group, your queries won’t get lost after a few minutes or hours. Check in, solicit assistance, extend assistance, and take in all of it. The genuine “aha” moments take place here!

Our Shopify SEO Agency Services:

Once you learn how to master organic traffic for your ecommerce business through the ECA Course, Coaching and Community, you may decide that you don’t have enough hours in the day to do it all yourself.

That’s where our Shopify SEO agency services come in. We can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Keyword Research: Everything in SEO starts with keyword research, and we can take care of this most crucial task for you, generating an extensive, prioritized list of keywords to target.
  • SEO Analysis and Optimization: Based on the keywords you’re targeting, we’ll analyze and optimize your content so that it has the best chance of ranking in Google.
  • Content Creation: We write high quality, SEO optimized, well researched content for you. From long-form, multi-thousand word pillar content, to general 1,000 word blog posts, we’ll work with you to create and write for a content plan that works for you.
  • Content Promotion: When you create a great piece of content, you want people to see it, engage with it and benefit from it. You also want Google to find it and rank it. But that can take some time. So we promote it so it works for you while waiting around for Google to do its thing.
  • Link Building: Links are an important ranking factor for Google. We generate high quality, high relevance links that will improve your search engine rankings and bring more traffic to your site.

A Detailed, Expertly Crafted Shopify SEO Strategy

SEO (search engine optimization) raises your company’s search visibility, giving you the opportunity to draw in more customers and boost conversions and revenue. We would love to assist your business in the same way that we’ve assisted many others in optimizing their ecommerce SEO to grow traffic and sales.

Ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce and Shopify offer a comprehensive range of helpful features for online for building and managing your online store. But executing and effective SEO strategy isn’t something a website platform can do for you.

You’ll require experienced professional SEO strategies if you want to maximize the performance of your store. Whatever your niche, we have the ecom SEO expertise and resources to produce quantifiable outcomes.

Like Any Good Ecommerce SEO Agency…

We offer a range of services specifically aimed at helping ecommerce businesses achieve significant growth from organic traffic. Here are a few of the primary Shopify SEO agency services we can provide to you.

Fully Optimized Pages: With SEO for Shopify websites, potential customers who are already interested in your goods and services can be drawn to your Shopify website. To make sure your ideal customers can discover you on popular search engines like Google and Bing, we’ll conduct a thorough analysis of your Shopify store and optimize titles, headers, URLs, and metadata.

SEO page checkpoints
Source: SEO Powersuite Blog

Comprehensive Internal Page Linking: A powerful tool for ensuring that buyers locate the products they’re looking for after finding your online store. Together, you and our Shopify SEO specialists will develop an internal linking strategy that will be appealing to both users and search engines.

keyword driven content plan

Keyword-Driven Traffic: Incorporating pertinent keywords into your site content is a crucial step in improving SEO and driving traffic. You get help to target the right keywords for your niche so you drive targeted traffic and sales.

organic traffic
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Build Domain Authority with Link Building: When high-quality websites link to your Shopify website, your company’s search engine exposure rises, especially in competitive markets. We’ll collaborate with you to develop an effective link-building plan that yields powerful results and a high return on investment (return on investment).

seo backlinks
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A Tailored Shopify SEO Agency Approach

I’m aware that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to SEO for Shopify websites. Each customer requires a unique strategy because products, services, and brand identity differ from client to client.

Whether you want to do it yourself, or have us do it with you, our processes and experience enable us to create a specific SEO plan that works for you and your target audience.

Our skilled Shopify SEO agency team will collaborate with you to fully comprehend your company, maximize your results, and make sure you stand out among competition.

A Unique-to-You Content Strategy: Insightful, SEO optimized blog posts can increase traffic to your Shopify store and boost its sales. We’ll will generate customized blog content that is educational and/or entertaining for your customers and relevant to your business, using Shopify’s built-in blogging platform.

Analyze Your SEO Results Using Analytics: Using tools like Google Analytics, you can analyze your SEO development and spot areas for improvement. You’ll get assistance with creating a Google Analytics account and identifying your company’s unique SEO objectives if you don’t currently have one.

Looking for a Shopify SEO Expert?

How about a recognized leader in the industry with a track record of success

Ryan is a Shopify SEO expert and has been a long standing pioneer in the SEO for Ecommerce industry, doing things differently and focusing on what actually gets results. We are driven by innovation and a strong sense of love for what we do in a dynamic, ever-changing industry.

Our Shopify SEO agency efforts benefit greatly from our meticulous work ethic. We leave no stone unturned for our clients with our strong combined grasp of ecommerce, Shopify, and effective SEO techniques.

A Full Service Shopify Digital Marketing Agency, We Are Not!

If you landed on this page hoping to find a do-it-all, Shopify Digital Agency, I’m afraid you may be in the wrong place, There are some Shopify marketing services that we simply do not offer.

We specialize in SEO for Ecommerce businesses. That does include some content marketing… whereby we promote content on your behalf. However, we do not offer any kind of paid product promotion services. So if you need help with advertising your products with Facebook ads, Google Shopping ads, etc, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Here’s a list of 100 such agencies to choose from.

Not our list. Can’t vouch for any of these. 🙂

Best Types of Digital Marketing for Shopify

As we’ve mentioned, we focus on SEO and content marketing for Shopify businesses. However, we would never recommend that you don’t also take advantage of paid advertising. The best digital marketing strategies for Shopify sites, include a mix of both organic and paid marketing. 

Unfortunately, most ecom businesses only focus on paid traffic, leaving so much revenue opportunity for someone else to take. But that’s okay, because that someone can be you!

Hoping to Find Shopify SEO Pricing?

The ECA membership is $100/mo, unless we’re currently running a promotion. Check here.

The agency services pricing isn’t that straightforward unfortunately. We’ll need to understand just a bit more about your business and your budget in order to offer you the best services and prices. But our prices are more than fair, and never inflated.

A Leading Ecommerce SEO Company

Shopping Signals does things differently. As you’ve seen above, we not only offer services, but also extensive, ongoing training and coaching. It’s this kind of approach that sets us apart from all the other ecommerce SEO companies out there. That, and the fact that we’ve been doing this stuff for over 20 years, with some amazing success stories to back it up!


So as you can see, we do things a bit differently. And that contrarian thinking translates into consistent results for our members and clients.

If you’re interested in learning more, reach out!

We’d love to hear from you.

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