Shopping History Hack – Recently Viewed Items can Boost Conversions


Want to learn about an advanced tactic will help turn more repeat visits into sales?ecommerce conversions

Then read on my friend.

This is a quick tip, but implementing it could be somewhat advanced. Although let’s be honest, Shopify probably has an app for this (just checked, yep, of course they do:, so it may be easy for you if you’re a Shopify’r.

Can we all agree that shoppers rarely convert on their first visit to an ecommerce store?

With me? Sweet.

However, the fact that they visited your site and spent some time browsing thru a few products, signifies a clear intent.

If they do come back, its often with the intent of taking a second look at something they had already seen.

Believe it or not, having to relocate that product they had previously viewed, does involve some friction.

More Friction = Less Sales.

If you can make their previous viewing history easily accessible, you can help alleviate that.

You’ll often see this kind of feature manifested as something like:

A “Recently Viewed” section.

Or, in Amazon’s case, they presents it differently depending on where you are on the site:

recently viewed items
A look at Amazon’s recently viewed items section… guess who’s going camping!

Sometimes they use “See all your recently viewed items”, other times they go with “Your Recently Viewed Items and Featured Recommendations”

I’m talking about simply presenting the visitor with a section that displays the products they have recently viewed.  This doesn’t have to be terribly fancy, and it doesn’t need to include anything other than products.  If they visited your about page, that doesn’t need to be included.

Making their browsing history easily accessible allows them to quickly find the products they have already browsed, which can drastically reduce the friction in the re-discovery process.

Which of course, boosts conversions!

Have you tried something similar?  Have a question?  Let me know in the comments below!

What other creative ways are you driving more conversions?

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